10 Best Spots for Rolled Ice Cream in San Antonio

10 Best Spots for Rolled Ice Cream in San Antonio

Rolled ice cream is gaining popularity among ice cream lovers of all ages around the world. Anyone who consumes this dessert will enjoy its slightly dense and smooth texture. What’s more, you can customize your ice cream roll with additional toppings and flavorings to suit your preferences.

Are you in San Antonio or perhaps planning to take a trip there? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the best places to get rolled ice cream in San Antonio.

1. Snack Island

Snack island logo
Source: Snack Island

Snack Island is a family-run snack shop that serves a variety of delicious snacks, the most popular of which is rolled ice cream. They have a variety of flavors that will captivate you with their deliciousness, as well as a dozen topping options that will satisfy your taste buds.

2. Fahrenheit 32SA

Fahrenheit 32SA logo
Source: Fahrenheit 32SA
rolled ice cream
Source: Fahrenheit 32SA

Fahrenheit 32 SA offers a variety of dishes, including rolled ice cream with Latin American and Korean influences. They bring you a mountain of flavored rolled ice cream with toppings and drizzles that you can customize to your liking. This shop is one of the best places to get rolled ice cream in San Antonio that you must try.

3. Rolls Ice Cream

rolls ice cream logo
Source: Rolls Ice Cream
rolled ice cream
Source: Rolls Ice Cream

Rolls ice cream serves a variety of rolled ice cream flavors and toppings.  They also ensure that each of their rolled ice cream dishes is served with high-quality ingredients.

4. Rolling Rey’s Ice Cream

rolled ice cream san antonio
Source: Rolling Rey’s Ice Cream
rolled ice cream in san antonio
Source: Rolling Rey’s Ice Cream

Rolling Rey’s Ice Cream offers a wide variety of rolled ice cream flavors made with only high-quality ingredients that are sure to win your heart. With the variety of toppings available, you can now customize the flavor of your rolled ice cream to your liking.

5. IcyRolls

icyrolls logo
Source: IcyRolls

At IcyRolls, you can enjoy 12 flavors of rolled ice cream with fresh ingredients and their signature ice cream base. You can also customize your ice cream roll with your favorite toppings.

6. Bobatopia

rolled ice cream san antonio
Source: Bobatopia

Bobatopia places a premium on the quality of every dish served to its customers as well as the service they provide, so it is no surprise that many people from near and far visit.

7. Mr Ice Cream

mr ice cream logo

Do you miss the nostalgic vibe? You can enjoy their retro interior only at Mr. Ice Cream while enjoying your favorite ice cream. Don’t pass up the opportunity to try their classic ice cream dish with your choice of toppings and desserts.

8. Aloha Shaved Ice

aloha shaved ice logo
Source: Aloha Shaved Ice

Aloha Shaved Ice serves shaved ice with a wide range of creative toppings, ice cream, and other sweet treats. If you want to try something that tastes similar to rolled ice cream, Aloha Shaved Ice is the place to go. They also offer a variety of fascinating toppings that you can mix into your ice cream.

9. Lick Honest Ice Creams

lick honest ice cream logo
Source: Lick Honest Ice Creams
ice cream
Source: Lick Honest Ice Creams

What’s unique about Lick Honest Ice Cream is that all the milk and cream ingredients in their ice creams come from family-owned dairies in Texas and Wisconsin. All the sweets they serve are specially made by hand in their kitchen to ensure that each of their meals is always fresh, delicious, and good-quality.

10. Premium Matcha Cafe Maiko

premium matcha cafe maiko logo
Source: Premium Matcha Cafe Maiko
Source: Premium Matcha Cafe Maiko

Want to enjoy Japanese sweets and desserts? Premium Matcha Café Maiko has it for you! They offer matcha ice cream, and each matcha ingredient comes directly from Japan.

How Is Rolled Ice Cream Made?

Unlike traditional ice cream that’s made with an electronic machine, rolled ice creams (or its original name, Thai stir fried Ice Cream) are made to order, by hand.

The process of chopping and “stir-frying” all the ingredients together and then rolling it up with a steel spatula on a flat ice pan is simply fascinating!

It is something that is just so mesmerizing to watch and that’s what makes rolled ice cream feels so special.

So how do they do it? Here’s how:

1. Heavy/Double cream and sweetened condensed milk are whisked together in a bowl to form the ice cream base.

2. The ice cream base is then poured onto the ice pan or tray with a thickness of at least ¼ inch thick.

3. Mix-ins (such as fruits, cookies, chocolate, etc) are then added in by sprinkling them onto the sheet pan and using a steel spatula to carefully distribute them evenly throughout the ice cream base.

4. The ice cream and the ingredients are then “stir-fried” on the ice tray until they start to freeze solid and stick onto the surface of the tray.

5. A metal spatula is then used to carefully cut the ice cream into 2/3-inch wide strips and each strip is then gently scraped up and rolled into a tight tube, working quickly from top to bottom.

6. The rolled ice cream is then finished with toppings.

Here’s a video on how it’s done:


There you have it, 10 great spots where you can enjoy the marvelous sight of rolling ice cream in San Antonio!

Be sure to check them out and leave our comments down below about what you think.


What is the name of rolled ice cream?

This rolled ice cream is known as Thai rolled ice cream because it originates in Thailand. It is also known as fried ice cream.

What is the liquid in rolled ice cream?

Usually, the liquid used to make ice cream rolls is condensed milk and double cream. These two ingredients are mixed as the base of the ice cream roll, where it is placed on a frozen pan to be frozen so that it is easy to roll properly.

What is the difference between rolled ice cream and regular ice cream?

Rolled ice cream is not made using a machine like regular ice cream. It is mixed directly on the frozen pan by hand until it gives a smooth and slightly dense texture compared to regular ice cream.

What is so good about rolled ice cream?

Watching rolled ice cream made right in front of your eyes is a treat and due to it having no air added into the ice cream base (whipping), rolled ice cream is much denser and tastes fuller when compared to traditional ice cream.

Is rolled ice cream fried?

Rolled ice cream is not fried, but it is placed on a frozen pan and mixed by hand until it hardens and rolled until it is known as rolled ice cream. In addition to the flavors you can choose from, you can also put your toppings on top of your ice cream roll.

Is rolled ice cream healthier?

With rolled ice cream being made from double cream and condensed milk it contains less sugar than traditional ice cream. This means it has fewer calories per serving.

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