The Story of Rolled Ice Cream Mix

Rolled Ice Cream Mix was started back in 2016 by Scott Carswell and his wife, not long after they were gifted their first nugget ice maker by his parents as an anniversary gift.

The ice maker quickly became one of the most used pieces of equipment in their kitchen, especially during those hot southern summer days. Unfortunately, the machine didn’t last long and Scott's wife Kate was devastated.

Since they had both grown to love nugget ice so much, they wanted to buy a new one, a better one. But there wasn't much information out there on nugget ice makers and he had to do a little research. Whilst doing this research Scott found a community of nugget ice lovers. Scott and Kate ran for many years. But in 2022 it was decided that responsibility of the site should be passed to another fellow nugget ice lover so Scott and Kate could spend more time with their kids outside of their day job. And that's where I come in...

Within that community of nugget ice lovers was me, Sam. I have been running since 2022 (by running I mean eating a lot of nugget ice and writing about it). My favorite part so far was an afternoon in Houston driving around with my girlfriend where we visited Sonic, Chick-fil-A and Zaxby's all in one afternoon! I am super grateful for the community Scott had built around nugget ice and I look forward to continuing the good work.

My aim is to share my knowledge (and what I continue to learn about nugget ice) with y'all so we can all chew better ice.

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Sam reviewing some nugget ice at Sonic
Me at Sonic chewing on some delicious ice