Can I Leave My Portable Nugget Ice Maker On All The Time?

Can I Leave My Portable Nugget Ice Maker On All The Time?

Nugget ice makers are capable of running non-stop and therefore can be left running non-stop. However, unless you need this amount of ice, it is pretty pointless. Most nugget ice makers do not have freezer draws and therefore unless you are producing ice non-stop there is minimal value in leaving them on (other than the fact it can produce ice faster when you do need it).

Can You Keep Your Ice Maker Turned On?

However, to summarize, yes, similarly to other types of household appliances (such as a blender, a toaster, or a coffeemaker), you can leave your portable nugget ice maker plugged in and turned on for as long as you like. If you’re using a commercial nugget ice maker (for a restaurant, bar, or hospital where they give out ice chips) or a nugget ice maker for your home, the machine is built to be powered on continuously.

If you are going to run your machine non-stop you will need to make sure you have a water supply or that there is enough water in the tank.

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One of the cool features that a lot of modern nugget ice makers have is to re-use the melted ice coming from the ice tray. Of course, once there’s no more water in the tank, the ice machine will stop working automatically. Therefore, this is a pretty neat trait, as nugget ice makers that are running low on water can simply “recycle” in order to increase efficiency.

Do Portable Nugget Ice Makers Use A Lot Of Electricity?

No, portable nugget ice makers don’t use a lot of electricity. In general, a portable nugget ice maker consumes around 150 to 220 Watts.


There you have it! You can definitely leave on your nugget ice maker as it is designed to be powered on continuously and doesn’t consume much energy.

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