Is Chewing Nugget Ice Bad for your Teeth?

Is Chewing Nugget Ice Bad for your Teeth?

No, chewing nugget ice is not bad for your teeth. In fact it was specifically designed for chewing.

Nugget ice is a type of ice that is made by compressing ice flakes into small, compacted nuggets and is therefore soft enough to chew. The same cannot of course be said for hard ice.

That isn't to say you don't need to be careful with nugget ice. If you are producing or buying nugget ice, then storing it up in a freezer before use you need to be particularly careful of areas where nugget ice has melted into water, only to refreeze again into hard ice whilst in storage.

Can Chewing Ice Cubes Break Your Teeth?

So nugget ice is not bad for your teeth, but how about normal ice cubes? Throwing some ice cubes in your drink on a hot summer evening is a great way to cool yourself down. There is a good chance that you’ll be going to town on that ice cube after finishing your drink. Unfortunately, similar to other hard foods, traditional ice cubes can damage teeth, enamel, and gums.

More than you would expect from such a small piece of ice. This is because ice cubes are very hard. Teeth are developed in such a way that they can bite through food. But when chewing on an ice cube, the teeth keep hitting the ice until it breaks.

As a result, your teeth and molars wear out faster, resulting in toothaches. But it can also cause damage to tooth enamel or to fillings and crowns. In addition, your teeth can become sensitive, which can cause pain when consuming cold or hot drinks and meals.

Just remember to clean your nugget ice maker regularly so it keeps producing clean and high-quality nugget ice!

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