Rolled Ice Cream Calories - A Full Guide

Rolled Ice Cream Calories - A Full Guide

Rolled ice cream typically has less calories per serving of equal weight vs. normal ice cream. This is largely due to rolled ice cream being less sugar dense than conventional ice cream. Rolled ice cream basically has two core ingredients. Heavy cream and condensed milk. However, some rolled ice cream vendors also sell vegan rolled ice cream. These tend to have a slightly lower calorie count and are made using cashew milk and coconut cream.

It takes approximately 50ml of ice cream mix liquid to make a roll of ice cream. Each roll contains about 80 calories not including toppings. Therefore a 3 roll serving contains approximately 240 calories (not including toppings). Vegan ice cream rolls have about half of the number of calories vs. those made with heavy cream. Most of these calories are attributable to the coconut cream.

If you are making ice cream rolls at home, the good news is that most of the pre-made mixes are less calorific than those bought from outlets. This is typically because they use milk powder instead of cream (so the product lasts longer). Whilst this does mean in my opinion they don't taste quite as good as ice cream rolls I have purchased, they are still pretty neat (and quite delicious)!

What Makes Rolled Ice Cream So Unique?

Rolled ice cream is special because of how it’s made. Although known as stir-fried ice cream in Thailand, where they originated, ice cream rolls aren’t fried. They are made by spreading a thin layer of milk-based liquid onto a chilled metal surface.

Menu Frozen Dune rolled ice cream in Destin

Here the liquid is churned and mixed until it becomes a cream. Then it is rolled into a cylinder shape using a spatula. The cylindrical rolls are then thrown in a cup along with other ingredients and toppings of your choice.

4 types of rolled ice cream san antonio

Since there’s no whipping involved in its preparation, rolled ice cream is denser than your traditional scoop of ice cream. Its unique shape also makes it more IG-worthy than any other dessert out there.

Can Rolled Ice Cream Calories Make Me Fat?

Like in any other food, the calories in rolled ice cream will depend upon the serving size, the ingredients used, and the toppings added. Therefore, every cup will have a different calorie count. However, we can always make a generalised assumption.

Typically, one medium cup containing three roll-ups will contain  200–350 calories. A single medium-sized Oreo-flavoured rolled ice cream has anywhere between 200–300 calories.

rolled ice cream in Destin

The ingredients used will, of course, affect the total calories. For instance, roll-ups made with heavy cream and white sugar will have more calories than those made with skimmed milk and brown sugar or stevia.

rolled ice cream

Toppings will also factor in. Therefore, if you are on a caloric deficit, it is advised to use healthier and lighter toppings like fresh fruit or nuts.

rolled ice cream

For an accurate calorie count, use the nutrition label behind or beneath the cup. When eating, use a small cup rather than digging into a larger tub. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy every spoon!

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