Scotsman UN0915A-1

Scotsman UN0915A-1

A high-powered under-the-counter nugget ice machine with the capacity to produce a huge 96lbs of nugget ice a day. Whilst this machine will certainly work in your home, it might be a little much and is better suited to a commercial environment.


  • High ice production
  • Large ice storage capacity
  • Built with quality materials
  • Easy installation


  • Expensive
  • Relatively heavy
  • Noisy


Rolled ICE Cream Mix Rating: 3/5

As the inventor of the Nugget ice maker, Scotsman knows how to build a powerful machine. However, for most people who like to create nugget ice in their own home, the Scotsman might be a little too much (a little too powerful and a little too pricey). I would consider this nugget ice maker better suited for relatively small commercial uses than a residential environment. Although a lot less powerful than the Manitowoc, The Scotsman UN0915A-1 takes second place as this ice maker can make up to 96 pounds of ice a day.


Brand: Scotsman

Ice Storage Capacity: 36lbs

Daily Maximum Production: 96lbs

Dimensions: 15"D x 24"W x 38"H

Water hook up required: Yes

Self-cleaning system: No


This machine can produce a lot of ice in a single day. 96lbs to be precise. This nugget ice maker will certainly be powerful enough for any residential or relatively small scale commercial environment.

Design and Ease of Use

Importantly, this is an under-the-counter nugget ice machine. Whilst it is relatively tall at 38 inches, it is only 15 inches wide and doesn't require side clearances (it is a 'front breathing' machine). This machine was built to last, but you can also get a sense that it would fit in a relatively small scale commercial environment. It comes with adjustable 6 inch legs to make it easier to clean underneath. The stainless steel components are built to last and rust resistant.


This machine was built to last and will likely require minimal maintenance (excluding cleaning of course) in a residential environment. It comes with a 3 year warranty and has really been built with durability in mind. Having said this, it is not nearly as common as other residential ice machines and it can be more challenging to acquire spare parts for repair should you need them after the 3 year warranty has passed.

Value for money

The Scotsman is relatively expensive when compared to other nugget ice makers. However, this is not to say it is bad value for money. It really can produce a lot of ice and will last. It is just probably a bit too much for what the average person needs in their home and is better suited to a commercial environment.

Where to Buy

The Scotsman UN0915A-1 nugget ice maker is available from the following distributors: