Newair Nugget Countertop Ice Maker

Newair Nugget Countertop Ice Maker

The NewAir nugget ice is smaller than a sugar cube, and very nice and soft when chewed fresh. The front light looks great and given its competitive price point, it has a relatively premium finish. The ice will melt if left in the bin so be prepared you will need freezer space.


  • Fast ice production (within 10 - 15 minutes for initial ice production and 30 minutes for a cup of ice)
  • Value - it is competitively priced
  • Well designed water recycling system


  • Square ice that sticks and changes texture when moved to storage in the freezer

Decent is the best word to describe this nugget ice maker. The NewAir ice machine is a decent bit of kit, looks pretty good and is reasonably priced.


Rolled ICE Cream Mix Rating: 4/5

With the NewAir nugget ice maker, you can have all the nugget ice you want, right in your own home and fast. This machine can produce up to 44 lbs of ice per day (although they have also recently released the slightly smaller 30 lb version too, so you’ll (almost) never have to worry about running out. Within 10-15 minutes of powering up the machine you will have some delicious nuggets! This makes it one of the fastest non-commercial nugget ice makers on the market.

The nugget ice produced by a Newair is smaller than a sugar cube, and interestingly is also square. Unfortunately square ice does tend to stick together slightly more than rounded ice in storage. This is because the flat services can sit against each other over a bigger area.


Brand: NewAir

Ice Storage Capacity: 3.3lbs (not refrigerated - ice must be moved to a freezer to be stored)

Daily Maximum Production: 44lbs

Weight: 34.2lbs

Dimensions: 16.54"D x 9.75"W x 16.54"H

Water hook up required: No

Self-cleaning system: Yes


A high capacity nugget ice maker that does not require a waterline. The NewAir is powerful for its relatively compact size (although I still wouldn't consider it portable despite some of the marketing materials suggesting otherwise and would leave it firmly placed on the counter-top.

Design and Ease of Use

Super easy to use - it is basically three buttons. If you live somewhere hot you are going to need to move the nugget ice from the bin to the freezer a little faster than ideal, however the front light looks really cool and the design looks very nice given the relatively low price point when compared to other nugget ice makers.


It is recommended that this nugget ice maker is cleaned after each use. You can do this using the self-cleaning function. In addition (but less regularly, once a week will do, you should also clean the exterior and interior with a soft cloth in addition to draining the water tank.

If you are having more serious maintenance issues, the customer service phone line (1-855-963-9247) is actually operated by a human and apparently pretty good! Newair also has a one year manufacturer warranty.

Value for money

It's good and it can certainly pack a punch for its relatively small size. It's not as premium as the GE Opal 2.0 but it is also nearly half the price.

Where to Buy

The NewAir is available from the following distributors: