Frigidaire EFIC235-AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC235-AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

At only 17 inches wide, this little nugget ice maker produces over 40lbs of ice a day and comes in at a lower price point that most competitors, there is a lot to like about the Frigidaire EFIC235-AMZ. Having said that, it is relatively loud and the finish doesn't feel quite as premium as some stainless steel competitors, we have seen this ice machine produce enough nugget ice to support a medium sized restaurant (we literally got served up nugget ice made by this machine in Mexico at this great little restaurant)!


  • Creates ice very fast (15 minutes)
  • Large water reservoir
  • Relatively low price point
  • Easy to clean and set up


  • Relatively loud
  • Some users have commented on a life span of <2 years (Source: Amazon reviews)


Rolled ICE Cream Mix Rating: 4/5


Brand: Frigidaire

Ice Storage Capacity: 3lbs

Daily Maximum Production: 44lbs per day

Weight: 19lbs

Dimensions: 12"D x 17"W x 19"H

Water hook up required: No

Self-cleaning system: Yes


Capable of producing 44lbs of high-quality nugget ice a day we have even seen Frigidaire ice machines used in commercial settings before! These nugget ice really pack a punch given the relatively small size.

Design and Ease of Use

Clean black plastic and stainless steal design that fits comfortably on most counter tops. However, its storage capacity is relatively limited when compared to its production will allow (which is a lot).


The maintenance of this machine is much lower if you are feeding purified water into the machine. It is surprising there are so many minerals and fine pieces of sediment in tap water, particularly in areas where the local water source is running through soft rock.

A number of users on Amazon have reported maintenance issues at about the 2 year mark. If I was buying this machine, I would try and buy the 3 year manufacturers warranty too and sleep sound knowing refrigeration giant Frigidaire should be able to sort me the fix or a new ice maker relatively quickly if I need it.

Value for money

5/5 - There are very few machines that can produce nearly this much ice this quickly.

Where to Buy

The Frigidaire EFIC235-AMZ is available from the following distributors: